Our Beers

LFB (Lunn’s First Brew) 4.3%

LFB is light golden bitter; using Maris Otter malt and fragrant hops, this session beer is very smooth and palatable. An old fashioned no nonsense mildly hoppy beer with a slightly bitter edge and long lasting flavour. LFB was first brewed in June 2012 and is available all year round

Nosey Parker 5%

Nosey Parker is a premium strong ale, golden in colour and with a stronger bitter flavour. Highly flavoured hops give this beer a longer bitter flavour with floral overtones, deceptively smooth with a strong ‘nose’. The beer is named after local cricketer Martyn Parker, who has played for Overseal Phoenix and Hartshorne, Martyn, who is a great family friend has floored a few batsman in his time but on one occasion was floored in the middle of bowling a delivery. With all running to his aid, worried about its cause he proceeded to explain that he had been floored by a wasp……. sympathy was in abundance. Martyn is also known for his larger Proboscis……… or rather his nose.

Wristy Fitzy 4.6%

 Wristy Fitzy was Harry,s first darker beer. At 4.6% this chestnut ale uses two types of malt and has a smooth richness in taste ending with a creamy satisfying finish. This autumn favourite has proved very popular at local hostelries. The beer is named after another popular local cricketer, Paul Fitzpatrick. Paul played for Hartshorne in the early 2000’s and was also able, whilst playing for the club to introduce his two young sons, Tom and Dan to league cricket. Paul was reknowned for his ability to turn the ball sideways with his particular style of wrist spin. Paul was also famous for his very loud appeals, but also played the game in the right way, with a smile always on his face.

Reverend Green 5.5%

Reverend Green is a full bodied and strong IPA. Although strong in Alcohol, the depth of flavours from the hops used, give this beer a smooth and satisfying fruity aroma, and is a personal favourite of the brewery team. The beer was originally brewed to coincide with Halloween and is named after local cricketer David Green. In his early years, Dave was given various nicknames surrounding the pallor of his skin, insinuating in some way that he had vampire origins. Dave played for Overseal Phoenix and Hartshorne and was often seen keeping wicket with his fangs firmly out of sight.

Santa’s Stumped 5.5%

Santa’s Stumped is our first Christmas beer. At 5.5% Santa’s is a dark strong brown ale. Satisfyingly smooth, we have added a hint of cinnamon, to give a subtle Christmas flavour. With the strength, the cinnamon flavours fall into the background and gives the beer a rich satisfying flavour. The name of the brew was given by Tracy Parker who came up with the name at a competition run by Hartshorne Cricket club. The face on the pump clip belongs to Tracy’s son Ben Pearson, who also played for Hartshorne cricket club in the early 2000’s. Ben and Harry are the same age and grew up together.

Lunny,s Number 8 4.8%

 Lunny’s Number 8 was our first non cricket related beer (apart from LFB). Our intention with this beer was to provide a really hoppy bitter with a fruity and lasting aroma. American hops have been used to give this beer a fresh and fruity pallet. This beer was initially just brewed to sell during the 5 nations rugby tournament between January to March, but proved so popular that we kept it on through the successful Lions tour of Australia.  The image in the pump clip is from an early memory that Harry has of me (Andy Lunn) playing Rugby for Burton Rugby Club, although I’m sure I had a bit more hair then.

Tommos’ Mild 3.4%

 For Tommos’ Mild we have used 3 different types of malt to give this beer depth and richness. Mild is a traditional ale. mainly drunk around the midlands. This brew was developed in time for ‘Mild May’ a celebration of all good things about Mild Bitter, and is a tradition that we need to keep alive. The chocolate malt gives this ale a distinctive velvet texture and taste. The beer is named after Steve Tomlin, who has been one of the instigators behind pushing Hartshorne Cricket Club into the positive and proactive community club it is today. Steve is incredibly tall, hence the size of the stumps in the pump clip.

Bodies Bottom Lip 5.2%

Bodies Bottom Lip at 5.2% could be described as a ‘strong’ porter, but we prefer to call it an ‘extra’ porter in recognition of how strong porters would be referred to years ago. Using 3 types of malt and strong flavoured hops, Harry has developed a dark rich porter with the bitterness and aroma to create a truly satisfying beer. Proving to be very popular among local hostelries. The beer is named after another local well known cricketer, Pete Bodie. Pete played for Hartshorne throughout the noughties, and even played a couple of games in 2012 with a dodgy knee. Pete was an excellent bat and opening bowler, and although very amenable off the pitch, wasn’t renowned for his pleasant on field approach. On this occasion Pete after not having a particularly good over at Yoxhall CC went on to take his frustration out on an advertising board at fine leg.